Private cloud's emerging role: gateways to public cloud services

Private clouds are increasingly being positioned as points of control to public cloud services

David Linthicum, the highly regarded voice of clarity in the enterprise cloud space, recently made an interesting observation: that private clouds are increasingly serving as gateways to public clouds.

Cloud computing at keyboard 3 Photo by Joe McKendrick
Photo: Joe McKendrick

As things have evolved, private clouds have been seen as more secure alternatives to public cloud services. That they may be, but Dave also observes that private clouds are also being adopted to serve as "points of control" to interface with public cloud services.

Put another way, public cloud services would feed into the private cloud architecture, providing enhanced services such as storage and compute. "The public cloud services carry out operations on behalf of the request made by the private cloud, which, in turn, is carrying out a request made by the application or end-user," Dave illustrates.

Managed service providers are most likely to be working with this approach, Dave says. It's likely that enterprises will embrace this as the most plausible hybrid cloud approach. There are three reasons why private clouds will continue to assume "point-of-control" roles:

A better handle on meeting data regulations and security: "Enterprises typically like to focus on private clouds as the primary resources for applications when there are considerations around control and security, and, in some cases, standing laws and regulations that dictate where data can and cannot reside," Dave points out.

One pane of glass to everything: "Use of the private cloud as the 'public cloud controller' means there is a single set of interfaces to many different public cloud providers. This simplifies the use of cloud services by providing a common layer of abstraction using a private cloud."

More effective governance: "The use of governance and security becomes much easier to implement," as public cloud resources are only used as needed.