Private clouds? Oracle beefs up Enterprise Manager 12c with injection of automation

Release 4 of Oracle's Enterprise Manager 12c set of datacentre infrastructure tools seems locked on helping firms run databases in private clouds.

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This week's launch of the latest version of Oracle's Enterprise Manager 12c underlines the software giant's developing focus on building and running databases and middleware in private clouds.

Release 4 of the suite of datacentre infrastructure management tools includes an API-enabled service catalogue to help firms pick features for faster deployment of processes in private clouds.

Oracle says Release 4 also offers push-button provisioning of complete environments, such as SOA and Oracle Active Data Guard, and fast data cloning for deploying and testing enterprise apps.

There are tools for detecting data and configuration vulnerabilities to improve cloud service governance along with improved metering and chargeback mechanisms.

IDC research VP Mary Johnston Turner said in a statement that companies planning to deploy a range of workloads into cloud environments require high levels of fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

"Such capabilities were traditionally custom-configured for each application but cloud offers the possibility to incorporate such properties within the service definition," she said.

According to Johnston Turner, the latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c gives customers an out-of-the-box experience for delivering highly-resilient cloud services for databases and applications.

On the middleware management side, Version 4 has a Java VM Diagnostics as a Service feature for governed access to diagnostics data so IT staff can test applications to sort out problems and improve performance.

There is also a new consolidated view of Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c deployments and guided management features to enable administrators to apply best management practice to middleware environments and spot performance issues quickly.

Oracle says a new security console in Version 4 provides a central control for managing Oracle Enterprise Manager environments.

There are also more detailed security controls over private roles and preferred credentials for organisations with complex access control requirements.

Oracle has added support for the latest SNMP v3 protocol, including encryption, together with smart monitoring, which adapts to environmental changes and adds self-management to help optimise Oracle Enterprise Manager and cut IT supervision.

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