Proctor & Gamble installs first wind turbine in Netherlands

Proctor & Gamble's first wind turbine will be installed at one of its consumer products plants in Coevorden, Netherlands. It will produce about 5,500 megawatt-hours each year.

It seems perfectly logical to me that the first wind turbine in consumer giant Proctor & Gamble's renewable energy group should be located in Coevorden, Netherlands, at one of its pet care products plants.

The technology (pictured in the video below) will produce approximately 5,500 megawatt hours each year, which is roughly 17 percent of the plant's annual energy consumption.

P&G also says it is planning solar panels for a beauty products plant in Cologne, Germany. That technology will provide approximately 800 megawatt hours of energy per year. The construction is planned for spring 2011, and the panels could be producing electricity by the summer.

Long term, P&G is seeking to power its plants entirely with renewable energy and it already has plants in the United States, Germany and Mexico that are using green power. By 2020, the company is targeting a goal of 30 percent.

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