Product Watch: Software and services

Vendors churn out slew of services and software just for SMBs.

Small and medium-sized businesses often require services and software that differ from those offered to larger companies.

Vendors such as QCom, Fuji Xerox and Hewlett-Packard understand their needs and are hence offering a slew of products and services meant especially for SMBs.

Let QCom keep your books
Maintaining your company's inventory can now be a painless task, thanks to QCom's Quickbooks 2005/06. This accounting software can easily be customized to all needs and business types. For companies that deal with foreign suppliers and clients, Quickbooks can help churn out invoices and sales receipts in multicurrency.

Fuji Xerox adds 'e' to the office ?
For companies that prefer to get all their document management software from a single vendor, the "e" Office suite from Fuji Xerox could be the answer. Comprising six modules, this new suite covers the entire document lifecycle process. "e" Office includes eDesktop, eWorkflow, eFiling, eCollaborate, eManage and eReportArchiving. These software can be used independently or as integrated components.

HP secures the business
While physical security has often been the focus, companies cannot afford to neglect the protection and security of data. HP has come up with two services within their Business Protection Portfolio that promises to do just that for SMBs. The HP Smart Desktop Management Service provides off-site data protection, security and support of individual client systems starting from US$12 per month per seat with no minimum seat requirements or setup fees. This service is applicable to both PCs and notebooks and is available in the Asia-Pacific region. The HP ProLiant Essentials Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack provides an automated process for uploading the latest patches to servers. This all-in-one software is a plug-in for HP Systems Insight Manager and is available for just US$199 per server.