Progress Software allies with Intracomm

Progress Software has announced a regional alliance with IntraComm as a value-added partner to promote its e-business messaging server, SonicMQ to the regional market.

Progress Software Corporation, a supplier of technology for building e-business solutions, announces a regional strategic alliance with IntraComm (Intranesis Communication Pte Ltd). IntraComm has been appointed as a value-added partner to promote the e-business messaging server, SonicMQ to the regional market.

Being a Regional e-Business Solutions Provider, IntraComm signed an agreement to market SonicMQ 3.0 to customers in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

SonicMQ3.0 is Progress Software’s e-business messaging server that is claimed to guarantee fast, reliable communication between distributed applications over the Internet. The JMS-compliant e-business messaging infrastructure also supports XML. This complements IntraComm's suite of service and technology offerings, which includes professional e-business consulting services, solution formulation, applications development and training.

“We are pleased to announce this strategic alliance with IntraComm. IntraComm’s infrastructure, people and customers will add significant value to Progress Software and our award winning e-business messaging product, SonicMQ,” says Christopher Yeo, Managing Director, South Asia, Progress Software Corporation.