Progress Software's Java messaging server unleashed

Progress Software Corp has claimed leadership in the competition for the world's fastest Java messaging server, with the SonicMQ.

Progress Software Corporation announces the results of performance benchmarks that demonstrate that its Progress SonicMQ significantly outperforms FioranoMQ and is on average 96% faster on queue tests and 43% faster on publish/subscribe tests.

The results echo those published last spring, which demonstrated that SonicMQ performed significantly faster than IBM's MQSeries message-queuing software in rigorous tests.

This extensive benchmark suite includes 28 individual tests that measure performance for a variety of messaging models (publish/subscribe, queueing), messaging topologies (many-many, many-one, one-many), number of connections, size of message, sustained performance for long duration and overall system throughput and stability. Each test reflects real-world business-to-business, supply chain management, enterprise application integration and other Internet-centric applications scenarios.

The full test results and a white paper detailing how organizations can obtain optimum throughput for a particular environment, can be downloaded at