Prolink GeForce4 graphics card details leak out

Specifications of another manufacturer's next-generation graphics cards appear online, along with images
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

More specifications of Nvidia GeForce4-based graphics cards have leaked onto the Internet, with details and images of three Prolink Pixelview units appearing on a hobbyist site.

Earlier this week a French hardware distributor listed the specifications of GeForce4 cards from Abit and Leadtek.

Like those items, the Prolink cards are GeForce4 MX parts. The Prolink Pixelview GeForce4 MX420 will use a 250MHz core and 166MHz DDR memory; the Pixelview GeForce4 MX440 will use a 270MHz core and 200MHz memory; and the Pixelview GeForce4 MX460 will use a 300MHz core and 275MHz memory, according to information posted on the VR-Zone Web site.

The information was accompanied by what appeared to be images of the final packaging for the three cards from Taiwan-based Prolink. The images were later removed.

Graphics acceleration cards are an essential accessory for gamers, and are also used for high-end graphics and video processing. Nvidia is the market leader for the processors that power such cards, and hasn't refreshed its line of GPUs (graphics processing units) since October, when it released the high-end GeForce3 Titanium line. The GeForce4 is expected to be a significant step up when it appears in early Febrary.

Such information isn't always reliable, but in the case of the GeForce4, the data have been fairly consistent.

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