PSA: TalkBack will be unavailable tomorrow, July 10

On Tuesday, July 10 -- tomorrow! -- we won't be able to publish new stories, and you won't be able to log in or comment. Here's why.

Heads up, SmartPlaneteers:

You will not be able to log in or leave a comment on SmartPlanet tomorrow.

In fact, we won't be able to publish new stories, either. (We'll try to get a few up before midnight, though.)

The reason: we're moving our servers from San Francisco to Phoenix. That means everything -- back-end, front-end, you name it -- gets packed in a digital truck and sent to the sunny, dry climes of Arizona.

The website will still be live, and you should be able to access everything that's been published so far. (Internally, we call it "maintenance mode.") But neither you nor we will be able to submit new information for the duration of Tuesday, July 10.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The upside: we expect the move to speed up the site a bit.

Any questions? Just holler -- publicly, in the comments below, or privately, via the e-mail link in my bio.

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