Psion and Pointbase unveil Java database for handhelds

Java is a boost for mobile workers using company databases.

The first multi-platform Java database compatible with a hand-held computer was unveiled Monday by Pointbase and Psion.

Apart from providing a useful addition for mobile workers needing to synchronise handhelds with company databases it also opens up new possibilities for cross platform computing.

President and CEO of Pointbase and a co-founder of database giant Oracle Bruce Scott, described the potential as a revolution in both hand-held computing the use of Java. "This is a solution that significantly expands the ability of extended enterprises to store and manage corporate data throughout the mobile workforce. Because the database is written in one hundred percent Pure Java and Psion products use the EPOC Runtime Environment for Java, any application changes can be deployed on the Psion device, without needing to recompile."

Developers can configure the Pointbase Mobile Edition using industry standard technologies, Structured Query Language (SQL) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

Scott also believes that this unifying development in hand-held computing technology will also lead to greater variety of choice. "The advantage of Java is that people don't have to pay homage to Microsoft," he says. "They don't want to be in the same position as PC manufacturers ten years ago, and I don't think that will happen thanks to Java."