Psion Dacom wins huge Dell global deal

UK PC Card specialist Psion Dacom has won a huge worldwide deal to supply Dell with modems.

The product is the Gold Card Global 56k, a PC Card combining 56kbps modem and GSM/PCS cellular data capabilities, and upgradable to ISDN. The card has 23 country approvals, a decisive factor, according to Psion Dacom.

"Nobody else had a global capability with GSM and ISDN," said Dave Curl, worldwide head of marketing for Psion Dacom. "Also, Dell was very aware of the reputation we had built with them in Europe where we have been working with them for two years."

The contract - which could mean hundreds of thousands of products - is a huge win for the Milton Keynes-based company, part of Psion plc, which is best known for its pioneering role in handheld computers. Orders for the first Gold Card Global cards have already been taken.

About 40 extra staff will be taken on at Psion Dacom's Milton Keynes factory.