Psion shares rise on Bluetooth deal

UK computer maker to supply wireless connection technology to PC maker

Psion (quote: PON) shares got a boost from Bluetooth Thursday, surging 5 percent by midday after the UK computer company said it will supply Bluetooth technology to NEC Computers International.

Psion shares were up as high as 5 percent during the morning but at midday had settled to 5.75p, or 3 percent, over their opening price.

Bluetooth is a standard for letting digital devices connect to peripherals and to each other via radio.

Psion Connect, which makes a variety of communications equipment such as modems and PC cards, will supply Bluetooth connection technology for mobile phones, computers and other platforms, to NEC Online and Packard Bell. The first products under the agreement will be PC cards, which Bluetooth-enable laptop computers, and Universal Serial Bus adapters, which connect PCs to peripherals.

The products will be jointly marketed by NEC and Psion under Psion Connect's Gold Card brand.

The companies said initial marketing efforts will focus on Europe. Psion is best known for its handheld computers and the use of its EPOC operating system in the Symbian smartphone alliance. NEC Computers International is Europe's sixth-largest PC maker and a core company of Japan's NEC.

"Bluetooth-enabled devices will redefine the way we communicate, especially while travelling. The products that we are jointly announcing today will set industry standards for quality and ease of use and will help establish Psion Connect and NEC Computers International as Bluetooth market leaders," said Serge Palaric, director of mobile product lines for NEC Computers International, in a statement.

More details to follow.

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