Pure Storage launches new array, software, upgrade program

Pure Storage is going after EMC with its redesigned hardware and programs designed to eliminate rip and replace upgrades.

Pure Storage on Monday launched a new storage array designed by the company, cloud management and support tools and a model designed to make upgrades more efficient.

The company is making its moves as it becomes increasingly clear that flash-based storage systems are becoming the norm in the data center. Pure, which was one of the early movers in the enterprise solid-state storage market, made its way primarily through software.

However, Pure has now put together a hardware design team aimed at maintaining a common chassis while allowing upgrades for the parts inside. Pure is essentially creating a blade server model for storage arrays.

The storage array, FlashArray//m, will be the new flagship product for Pure Storage. Matt Kixmoeller, vice president of products at Pure, said the market so far has revolved around innovation either on the software or hardware with few integrated end-to-end systems in between.

Kixmoeller said the goal with the FlashArray system is to create a model where costs and upgrades are more predictable without rip and replace moves. The replacement cycle model launched Monday is called Evergreen Storage, a program that combines FlashArray's modular hardware with the company's maintenance program, which is called Forever Flash.

Under Forever Flash, Pure offers ongoing subscription pricing with software updates as well as hardware upgrades.

As for the FlashArray//m, the controllers break down into three options with the m20 offering up to 120 TBs, the m50 with up to 250 TB, and m70, which has up to 400 TB.


The FlashArray//m family is designed to be modular and operate as an appliance in many ways. The systems are about the size of a microwave and will save on rack space. The FlashArray//m is being positioned by Pure as a more efficient option to EMC's XBrick.

On the software front, Pure launched Pure1, which is the company's cloud-based management and support tool. Pure1 enables admins to manage infrastructure from mobile devices.


Pure's Evergreen Storage program combines the moving parts with modular upgrades and maintenance. The goal for Pure is to eliminate data migrations, which take up time, money and people.

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