Push tool doesn't need server, adds highlights

It's getting mighty tight in the 'push' technology business.

The latest entrant is Tierra's Highlights2 Corporate, a tool for monitoring and downloading Web pages and highlighting changes that relate to user- or administrator-selected keywords. Highlights is aimed at Internet and, most obviously, sales and marketing departments of companies pushing information around intranets. It differs from other push efforts by not requiring a server, and works with Microsoft and Netscape browsers.

"It doesn't just look for changes in date and time stamps; it looks at contents and marks relevant changes clearly," said Bob Allum, Tierra CEO in a telephone conversation today. "Reading updates to spec sheets and price information can be a chore for companies. They can put it on the intranet but they never know if people are reading it, or if they are reading the right parts."

A single-user version costs £40 inc. VAT. 10-user versions costs £385 inc. VAT

UK distributor Cross Atlantic can be contacted by telephone on 0171-228 7040.