PwC lists 'key' behaviors vendors need to know now about software industry

PwC defines the five "key behaviors" for enterprise software vendors to enhance customer experience.

Thanks to the cloud, social, and BYOD trends, enterprise software vendors have a lot to chew on and rethink immediately in order to get back on top, based on a new study.


PricewaterhouseCoopers has published a new report about potential behaviors that leaders can learn from the software industry.

Researchers have narrowed down that list to the following "key" five behaviors that enterprise software vendors need to grasp to enhance the customer experience: deliver what matters most, infuse a "human touch," promote agility, own up to the issues, and turn advocacy into action.

Arguably, those five traits should be applicable (and expected) in almost any segment of business.

In terms of the enterprise software industry, PwC argues that most enterprise software is actually much more complex than the user needs.

Thus, it shouldn't be hard to understand why so many employees are installing their own apps and software without  approval — much to the chagrin of their IT departments.

Therein lies the opportunity for enterprise software vendors right this minute, especially given that PwC reported that 78 percent of enterprise businesses are "embracing" BYOD policies.

The PwC report offered a number of tips about behaviors and attributes that vendors should understand.

One interesting tip is about customer service. Researchers advised that customers want an issue resolved within a 24-hour window.

But given the anytime/anywhere access culture we live in when it comes to technology, it's debatable that even waiting 24 hours for a response and resolution is too long to wait these days.

Image via PricewaterhouseCoopers