Qantas kills in-flight internet access plans

Low uptake of paid in-flight internet access to blame.

Qantas has dumped plans to offer internet access on some of its planes due to lack of demand.

The airline had been trialling Wi-Fi on six AirBus A380 planes for nine months. It was originally offered as a free service with internet delivered via satellite and later, paid packages were introduced to see whether customers would be open to the idea of paying for in-flight internet.

According to Australian Business Traveller, a Qantas spokesperson has said that there was low uptake of the service overall, though customers that used it valued the service.

Virgin America already offers in-flight internet and last year, Virgin Australia signalled that it too wanted to give customers internet access during their flights.

In July, Delta Air Lines flagged plans to introduce Wi-Fi to all its international aircrafts.

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