Qualcomm acquires mobile ed tech firm EmpoweredU

The chip maker has acquired EmpoweredU, a company which focuses on mobile, cloud-based learning tools for the education sector.

Qualcomm has acquired EmpoweredU to boost its portfolio of education-related tools and software.

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Announced on Wednesday, the US-based chipmaker said the integration of EmpoweredU technology with other Qualcomm initiatives will "accelerate mobile innovation and 24/7 learning into education -- providing institutions, students and parents access to best-in-class education tools."

EmpoweredU is a provider of mobile-centric cloud-based learning environments. Founded in 2011, the California-based company begun by creating a platform for the University of California, Los Angeles, and the result was the EmpoweredU Learning Platform, which is designed to be accessed by students anywhere at any time, across multiple operating systems, the Web and mobile devices.

Content is synchronized across the platform, and combined with real-time mobile learner analytics, instructors can keep up-to-date in course content as well as access realtime information on student and class performance.

The financial details of the deal between EmpoweredU and the buying party, a subsidiary of the chipmaker Qualcomm Technologies, were not disclosed.

Steve Sprigg, senior vice president of Qualcomm Technologies said:

"From the company's long involvement in the education space, including nearly 40 education projects funded by the Qualcomm Wireless Reach initiative since 2007, we've learned that providing students with 24/7 access to their peers, teachers and learning materials can dramatically improve learning outcomes.

However, the digital divide continues to widen as there has not yet been a viable solution to address the gaps for those students without 24/7 access. Qualcomm has a long-standing focus and passion on the role of technology in education, and we are committed to driving the ecosystem forward with mobile-centric solutions like the EmpoweredU learning environment."

EmpoweredU investors include Granite Ventures, InterWest Partners and the Sherry Lansing Foundation.