Qualcomm and Logicalis eye IoT opportunities in Brazil

The companies will create a portfolio covering sectors from manufacturing to smart cities to cater for predicted demand.

Chipmaker Qualcomm will partner with IT services firm Logicalis to create a portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT) services and products geared at Brazilian clients.

The companies will seek to exploit opportunities within manufacturing, agribusiness, healthcare and smart cities, with Qualcomm technologies being applied for connected sensors and other products, while Logicalis will contribute with its development, integration and consulting expertise.

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Of the key segments that it will be focusing on, the partnership will start with a project within agribusiness, one of the most significant for the Brazilian economy overall.

This first initiative is a supply chain tracking application intended to reduce waste and crop losses based on Qualcomm's system-on-a-chip technology combined with the platform Eugenio, by Logicalis, as back-end.

The potential presented by IoT-related technologies in Brazil is vast: according to a recent study by consulting firm Frost and Sullivan, that market is set to generate $3,29 billion in Brazil by 2021.

The Brazilian government seems to understand this potential, as well as the need to regulate the market. Currently, a specific taskforce is defining priority areas for the application of IoT, as well as public policies for the technologies.