Qualcomm buys Capsule Technologie, ups medical IoT game

The acquisition of Capsule Technologie will give Qualcomm Life integration expertise and a customer base of hospitals around the world.

Qualcomm said Monday that it has acquired Capsule Technologie, a company that focuses on medical device and data management.

Capsule will be folded into Qualcomm Life as a subsidiary. Qualcomm Life is focused on connected health technology in hospitals as well as remote monitoring. Capsule integrates medical devices, electron health records as well as technology systems.

For Qualcomm, Capsule brings 1,930 hospitals as customers in 38 countries. Capsule has offices in Paris, Andover, MA, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai and Sao Paulo in Brazil.

With the acquisition, Qualcomm Life can provide Internet of things technologies and networking as well as the integration. Qualcomm Life is targeting healthcare as a key Internet of things market.

For now, Qualcomm is primarily focused on connected medical devices via its platform 2net.


Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.

Capsule's flagship brand is SmartLinx, which is a line that includes hardware as well as data integration and management. Capsule's argument is that medical device data isn't utilized enough and can throw off useful patient insights.

Here's how Capsule positions in the data system food chain.