Qualcomm denies competition accusations

Under fire from a number of major players in telecoms, the chipmaker has hit out at claims that its behaviour is anticompetitive

Qualcomm has hit back at claims it has been acting anti-competitively.

Six telecoms equipment makers, including Ericsson and Nokia, called on the EC to investigate Qualcomm late last week, accusing the company of using its patents on 3G technology to shut out competition.

Qualcomm has responded to the allegations, saying that although it has not seen the details of the complaint itself, such claims are "factually inaccurate and legally meritless".

The statement continues: "Qualcomm's patents [are] the most extensively licensed portfolio in the cellular industry. The widespread market acceptance of Qualcomm's licensing programme conclusively demonstrates that Qualcomm's licensing practices are fair, reasonable and pro-competitive."

The company also highlighted that it licenses its 3G technology to five of the six companies behind the complaint to the European Commission.

"This action appears to be nothing more than an attempt by these licensees to renegotiate their licence agreements by seeking governmental intervention," Qualcomm said, adding it will defend itself against any claims of unlawful conduct.