Qualcomm eyes China with new Snapdragon S4 processors for high-volume smartphones

Qualcomm is bringing quad-core to high-volume smartphones, with an eye to getting a foot in the door in China's rapidly growing market.

Chip-maker Qualcomm has debuted two new chipsets to the Snapdragon S4 family of mobile processors, designed to bring premium multimedia and connectivity features to high-volume 3G handsets.

The two chipsets are the MSM8226 and MSM8626, and in addition to being quad-core parts both feature the capable Adreno 305 GPU, 1080p video capture and playback, and support for cameras up to 13-megapixels.

Both the MSM8226 and MSM8626 are based on Qualcomm's 28-nanometer technology and offers support for multi-SIM devices. The chips also incorporate Qualcomm's new WTR2605 multi-mode radio transceiver which has been built to support Chinese specific requirements, including TD-SCDMA, CDMA 1xAdv and HSPA+.

The WTR2605 radio also features an integrated, high-performance GPS core with GLONASS and Beidou support, the Russian and Chinese satellite navigation systems respectively.

Another important feature that the WTR2605 radio brings to the table is a 40 percent power savings and 60 percent smaller footprint compared to previous generations.

"The expansion of our Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 family extends our leadership in performance and low power for the high-volume smartphones," said Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm executive vice president and co-president of mobile and computing products. "This expanded roadmap provides our customers with a differentiated feature set upon which to build compelling smartphones for budget-conscious consumers."

Qualcomm is also releasing reference design versions of both MSM8226 and MSM8626 processors to allow handset makers to develop and test new handsets based around the chipsets.

Image source: Qualcomm.