Qualcomm Korea gets a knock from fair trade authorities

Business dealings go under the microscope
Written by Jo Best, Contributor

Business dealings go under the microscope

Qualcomm's offices have been raided by the South Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC).

The Korean FTC was investigating business dealings between the chip giant and three other companies – LG Electronics, Samsung and Pantech Curitel - although the organisation told Qualcomm the visit was not an official investigation.

According to Qualcomm, the South Korean FTC did not give a reason for its visit but the company believes it is related to complaints by a small Korean company over "distribution of mobile video software" that works with Qualcomm's chipsets.

Local media reports that the Fair Trade Commission suspects Qualcomm of abusing its market dominance.

The offices of Samsung and LG Electronics were also raided by the FTC, according to South Korean news site Chosun Ilbo, to search for purchase and royalty records.

A Qualcomm representative declined to comment.

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