Qualcomm opens R&D centre in Singapore

Chip maker Qualcomm has expanded its presence in Singapore by opening an integrated circuit design and engineering R&D centre in the island state

Chip designer and supplier Qualcomm has established an integrated circuit design and engineering R&D centre in Singapore, its first outside the US.

The move expands its presence in the island state, first established in 2000, and is aimed at better tapping expertise and integrating with the rest of its supply chain in the region, according to company executives.

At a media briefing in Singapore on Thursday, James Lederer, Qualcomm's executive vice president and general manager of CDMA technologies, said its existing facility here had been tweaked to focus on chipset design and development including analogue and power design, mixed signal design, digital design, mask layout design, and pre- and post-silicon verification.

Lederer noted that this builds on the company's existing presence in Singapore. "Qualcomm set up its chipset distribution centre in 2000, and in 2008, established its first test development centre outside the US, enabling Singapore to become the company's development hub for the Asia Pacific region," he said.

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