Quest headsets are getting their first input device that isn't from Meta

Logitech's MX Ink is a new, pen-like experience for mixed reality.
Written by Don Reisinger, Contributing Writer
MX Ink Stylus

Meta's Quest virtual reality headsets are getting their first third-party input device, courtesy of Logitech.

Logitech on Monday unveiled the MX Ink, the first mixed reality stylus for Meta Quest headsets. The MX Ink is designed to let you digitally write in mixed reality while wearing the Meta Quest. Logitech says the stylus works in a variety of Quest apps, including Painting VR, ENGAGE XR, and OpenBrush. The stylus also works in 3D sketching and design software, including Adobe Substance 3D Modeler.

Several reports say the MX Ink will be available for $130, but Logitech has not publicly confirmed that. The company did not immediately respond to a ZDNET request for clarification on pricing.

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"MX Ink's familiar pen-like feel makes it easy to use in key creation and collaboration applications," Logitech said in a blog post. "Like a real pen or pencil, the pressure-sensitive tip works on a variety of physical surfaces, so you can write and sketch more naturally in applications." 

Meta offers a range of Quest headsets, letting users engage in a mixed reality environment across design and modeling apps, as well as games and social media. Unfortunately, the devices have had very little third-party accessory support, making Logitech's announcement on Monday a big deal for those who want additional hardware to do more with their headsets.

In addition to the MX Ink stylus, Logitech said that it will also offer an MX Mat for those who want to write on a pad to enhance the mixed reality writing experience. MX Ink will also come alongside the company's new MX Ink Well, where users will be able to stow and charge their stylus when it's not in use.

There are some limitations to the MX Ink you should know. For one, the MX Ink will need to be paired with a Meta Quest headset through the Meta Quest app. Perhaps more importantly, the MX Ink only works with the Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest 2, so if you have older hardware like the original Quest or even the Meta Quest Pro, you're out of luck.

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Logitech was quick to tout that the MX Ink also marks the first time users will be able to use more than two paired controllers at the same time with their Quest headsets. Once you pair the MX Ink with your headset, you can seamlessly move from a controller to the stylus without needing to unpair a controller or interact with the Meta Quest app.

Logitech plans to launch the new MX Ink stylus, along with the MX Ink Mat and MX Ink Well, in September.

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