Quick scans for Web

Get images onto the Net in next to no time

LizardTech, a developer of imaging solutions, is launching its DjVu software in Europe to provide a faster solution for scanning images onto the Web.

Aimed at the e-commerce and business-to-business sectors, the software lets users convert any scanned document into images that can be viewed instantly on the Web.

An encoding technology separates text from photographs and graphics, allowing a 50-page report to be downloaded as fast as a single-page in PDF format, said the firm.

The technology is also space saving. According to LizardTech, a 110-page colour report of 155MB in PDF format can be reduced to 3MB using the DjVu system.

Once the image is on the Web, users can pan, zoom, save and print directly from any standard browser. Corporate reports, catalogues and e-books can be viewed and emailed and users can search for keywords and terms.

The DjVu Enterprise package with editing facilities costs £4,925. The browser plug-in is available free from the firm's Web site.

Jonathan Hartnell-Beavis, managing director of the Food Ferry Company, said, "This software sounds a pretty good idea since it requires no end-user application other than the browser plug-in."

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