QuickBooks updates SMB trends widget

The analytics service aggregates key performance from QuickBooks Online so SMBs can benchmark their progress against other companies.


How is your business faring with others like it, both in your home state or across the company? Intuit is touting its free online QuickBooks Trends widget, which visualizes trends based on "anonymous and aggregated" data collected through its QuickBooks Online service. (The screen shot above shows the core map, which on the site displays information as you move your cursor over specific states.)

You can see the trends information regardless of whether or not you are an Intuit customer, but you have to sign up for QuickBooks Online if you want to compare your company to others. 

Some of the metrics displayed include:

  • Sales growth
  • Cash flow ratios, including days receivable outstanding versus days payable outstanding
  • Percentage of new versus existing customer sales
  • Gross profit margin percentages
  • Median total income over the past year
  • Media total expenses over the past year
  • Expenses, by category
  • Income, by category 

The updated trends widget is another example of how Intuit is positioning QuickBooks Online as a broad business management platform for small businesses that is akin to the enterprise resource planning tools used by midsize and larger enterprises. The latest edition boasts an overhauled application programming interface that enables it to be integrated with other popular SMB applications and solutions, such as Square  and American Express .

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