Quickflix taps AAPT for cloud, CDN, and telco services

A multi-year partnership will help Quickflix grow in a cost-effective way, according to the movie-streaming company.

As part of an operational restructure, movie-streaming company Quickflix has selected AAPT as its cloud, content distribution network (CDN), and telecommunications services provider.

The new partnership will with help Quickflix scale its IT infrastructure as it grows its movie selection and customer base across Australia and New Zealand, according to the movie-streaming company.

A CDN will also aid Quickflix in delivering its video content faster to its customers while reducing network traffic.

Quickflix was in a financial pickle in late 2012, after suffering a net loss of AU$14 million in its last financial year. The company subsequently lost its then-CEO , and had to cut one third of its workforce .

"AAPT had a clear understanding of our growth strategies, and a willingness to work with us as partners to help us achieve our growth and success," Quickflix CEO Stephen Langsford said in a statement.

Quickflix is still undergoing the company restructure, with the aim of growing the company in a cost-effective way.

"Our partnership with Quickflix is a great example of how AAPT's extreme performance network enables content owners and broadcasters to scale their services to serve potentially millions of customers while lowering cost," AAPT CEO David Yuile said in a statement.