Quiterian, Wipro partner on customer analytics

Quiterian brings its predictive analytics software to Indian IT giant Wipro's business customers.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor on


Quiterian, a European developer of predictive analytics software for business, announced this morning that it was partnering with Wipro to bring its products to to the Indian IT giant's clients on all corners of the globe.

For Quiterian, it's a quick way to stoke growth beyond its EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) home region; for Wipro, it's a way to bring advanced analytics development under its own roof -- at least temporarily.

(If you're familiar with our daily business coverage here on ZDNet's Between the Lines, you'll know that these partnerships often, but not always, result in acquisitions down the line. No predictions here, but just saying.)

Quiterian's main product is called, simply, Analytics 3.0. It's a self-service platform that integrates data from multiple sources -- social media, web, CRM, ERP, campaigns and e-mails among them -- and makes sense of it, e.g. identifying profitable customers or segmenting the customer base for customized marketing campaigns.

The platform is built specifically for "non-expert users" who don't have technical training. The idea: let the software do the heavy lifting and pattern recognition for the user -- a welcome pitch for any enterprise unwilling to spend extra on training or route everything through the IT department.

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