Quiz: 10 things you may not know about Google

Test your Google IQ in this quick quiz about the most influential company on the Web.

Did you know that Google is less than 13 years old? In brick-and-mortar years, the company is still a baby, but in Internet years, it's already had a long and varied history. No matter how you measure it, though, the last 20 years have been a wild ride for the company's founders. Here are some questions about behind the scenes details that, if nothing more, will give you new ways to amaze and impress your geekier friends. Instructions: Click on your answer and then see how many others agree with you. Then click to see the answer and the next question. [poll id="10"]

The correct answer is... » Answer is B. BackRub. Fortunately, they changed it to Google before they incorporated.

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The correct answer is... » Answer is All of the above! Not only did she rent the founders her garage for $1700 a month, but her sister is married to Sergey Brin and she is, in fact, head of the group responsible for 96% of Google's income.
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The correct answer is... » Answer is C. Yoshka belonged to Google's senior vice president of operations, Urs Hoelzle, and prompted a culture of dog-friendliness in the workplace. [poll id="12"]

The correct answer is... » Answer is A. This was Google's first perennial April Fool's prank in the year 2000. [poll id="13"]

The correct answer is... » The correct answer is B. Google allows employees to spend up to 20% of their time working on projects that interest them. These projects have given rise to such Google products as AdSense and Google News. [poll id="14"]

The correct answer is... » Answer is C. This later became Google Groups. [poll id="15"]

The correct answer is... » Correct Answer is D. For real. [poll id="16"]

The correct answer is... » Answer is -- B. Orkut has even been overtaken by Facebook in India, the last place where it had a majority market share and a considerable following of any sort. [poll id="17"]

The correct answer is... » Answer is -- A. The first Summer of Code was held in 2005 and has grown steadily since then, providing students with important opportunities to work on Google coding projects as well as projects with partner groups and organizations. [poll id="18"]

The correct answer is... » Answer is D. This was Google's first Tweet, binary and all. Correct answers If you had 10 right, you probably bought GOOG when it was under $200 8-9 right, you design Google logos to send to friends for their birthday 6-7 right, you search on Wolfram Alpha sometimes 3-5 right, you're not searching for the right information 0-2 right, you're still asking Jeeves. Thanks for playing! Related stories: Google intros advanced sign-in feature Google Docs gets makeover, improves file organization and filtering Google hiring mobile app developers...And 6000 other Googlers Android 3.0 - It's not a fork Chrome Notebook Round 2 Google fixes Android Market, overshadows Honeycomb demo Gallery: Take an exciting tour of Google's art collection