Quotes of the Week, June 16-20

"We're working on the 12.7mm [drive] and the only thing sticking out is the motor. That's the only thing that's slowing us down." - Iomega's Randall Scott on shrinking the Zip.

"We've no intention of being a Pac-Man and munching up companies." - Gateway's John Shepheard on the ALR buy.

"What happened in the States will not happen here." - AOL's Jonathan Bulkeley on flat-rate pricing.

"If we have four out of the top 10 notebook makers signed up by the end of the year I'll be absolutely delighted." - OR Technology's Mike Dalton continuing the LS-120 versus Iomega spat.

"Windows Everywhere was pretty silly in 1985, 1986, 1987. But here in 1997 we can talk in a meaningful way about Windows Everywhere." - Microsoft's Steve Ballmer.

"Java is an exciting language for deploying applications... However, there are rather few on company desktops." - Compaq's Steve Torbe aiming a stiletto at the NC.

"I think the City, as usual, didn't understand what was happening here [with Psion's launch of the Series 5]. There are so many things going on in Psion's world. I assume [investors] just looked at the profits [warning]." - Purple Software's John Holloway on crashing Psion shares.

"We're basically here because Microsoft faces a fundamental dilemma. In order to make computers evolve, we need to make substantial investment in research and development." - Microsoft's Nathan Myhrvold on the Cambridge University campus.

"Knowledge in our channels of the forthcoming launch of the Series 5 has resulted in a slowdown in sales of the Series 3 in May and June, and Siena sales are disappointing. In these circumstances, the performance of the group will be affected until the Series 5 becomes established in its markets." - Psion chairman David Potter.

"When it came to the price of a processor, AMD and Intel couldn't do it, so we chose the MediaGX." - Elonex's Demetre Cheras on its £450 system.