Quotes of the Week, October November 11-15

"We do think it's annoying that people think Java was developed by Microsoft." - Sun's Charles Tierney.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

"If you asked the people where they go to buy PCs from, they'll probably say IBM, because 'hey, IBM do everything, don't they?' Microsoft's achieved a similar status in software. But it doesn't bother me." - Sun's Chris Sarfas.

"I'm a technical person so I don't get caught up too much in the bullshit." - Cyrix's Jerry Rogers.

"The NT/Unix wars are over and the NT/Wintel platform has won." - Dell's Pim Dale on servers.

"We never had any intention of licensing Novell Directory Services (NDS). The only people who put those rumours around were Novell." - NT Server product manager Mark Hassall.

"The demand for intranets is exploding," - MCI's Steven Von Rump on BT-MCI's plans to expand into intranets.

"The original Laroux was more dangerous because it kept itself pretty quiet - we saw cases in London and Aberdeen." - Dr Solomon's Graham Cluley, playing down the Laroux B macro virus which emerged last Friday.

"This is about bringing a group of industries together. This is not about one particular software vendor doing one thing." - MS's Simon Brown on its e-commerce initiative.

"We want to be relieved of responsibility for stuff we don't put online." - CompuServe's Jerry Roest.

"We now face the most serious problem the online service industry has ever faced. If the industry in Europe provides uncensored access, we have to give consideration as to whether we are breaking the law. To resolve this with a few major changes in legislation may be too big a challenge to ever meet, and Europe may become a no-go area. What would happen would be the rebirth of online services." - CompuServe's Jerry Roest.

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