Quotes of the Week, Sept 15-19

"Unfortunately, we've entered that two-speed, four-speed cycle, just like with CD-ROM drives." - Ideal Hardware's Eddie Moore on DVD-ROM.

"We know why they were put in place but a lot of the reasoning is not applicable. There is no Cold War and the argument about drug traffickers is over - these people can get easy access to encryption anyway." - Secure Computing magazine editor Paul Robinson on US encryption export.

"At the moment we're ahead of the game and able to show a clear roadmap but if we don't get [128-bit] soon we'll start losing business." - Internet SmartWare's Peter Cox on the same topic.

"I don't know why Gates, Ellison and McNealy don't just get into three MIG-29s and fight it out and let the rest of us get back to normality. Apart from the Java development language the rest of what Sun promised is falling apart at the seams." - Spyglass's David Harris-Evan takes aim at the Three Egos.

"If you talk to Rockwell and 3Com, they are actually upset with the pace of [56kbps] modem sales. This is one of the times when it is worth waiting a year for an ADSL modem. They will come out at around the same price as a 56kbps modem." - ATML's Thomas Cooper.

"[The deal] is really good news because now we can focus more on memory and storage, and beefing up our warehouses and marketing." - Kingston's John Davis on the firm's sale of most of its networking wing.