Quotes of the Week, September 1-5

"What shall we call our PowerBook clone?" - Motorola internal memo after Apple's announcement of the Power Computing buyout.

"We're very confused as to what they are trying to do ... It's bad enough the pace of technology forcing changes without a company moving the goalposts." - IMC UK MD David Robson on Apple's licensing sidestep.

"DVD+RW addresses the most fundamental storage requirement of customers, and that is compatibility." - Mike Matson of HP on the challenger to DVD-RAM.

"Our first attempt [at entering the graphics market] wasn't very good. Our second attempt wasn't very good either." - 'Honest' Jan Hauer of Creative Labs, hoping it's third time lucky.

"It was difficult to launch hardware [in the UK] when there wasn't any software for it." - Creative's Chris Boyce on DVD.

"No decision has been made yet in the UK. The success or failure of [the French direct operation] bears no relation to the UK, and it must be seen on its own merit." NEC's Oliver O'Reilly on direct sales.

"A new type of peripheral that is half hardware and half software with a cable is emerging." - TDK-Grey Cell's Nick Hunn on host-processed software communications.