Racemi has the key to unlocking server migration

Cloud computing has been frightening to some. They see it as a way to get locked in. Racemi gives organizations the key and makes server migration easy.

One of the issues constantly raised during discussions of cloud computing is the fear that the organization will be locked into one service provider and not be able to achieve their overall goals of flexibility, reliability and, of course, cost reduction. This concern gives me an opportunity to speak about a number of suppliers offering products and services making it possible to migrate industry standard server workloads including:

  • physical machine to physical machine — the best suppliers make it possible to migrate workloads from one hardware supplier's products to another
  • physical machine to virtual machine — the best suppliers make it possible to migrate workloads executing on a broad selection of physical systems to a broad selection of virtual machine technology and back
  • physical or virtual machine to the cloud — the best suppliers make a migration to/from an "any-to-any" selection of physical, virtual or cloud computing environments

As one might expect, the "any-to-any" migration is quite difficult. Although all of the workloads might be executing on Windows or Linux, the drivers, management tools and the like differ from one system to another, one operating system version to another, one virtual machine supplier to another, etc. Only a few suppliers have the capability to extensive any-to-any capabilities. Racemi. Most suppliers, such as VMware and Citrix largely offer capabilities to move workloads around in their own environment and offer little to no cross-platform capabilities.

Racemi's tool set includes capabilities to move workloads around to meet the business objectives of the customer.  One of recent additions to Racemi's portfolio is Racemi Cloud Path. It makes it possible for workloads to be migrated into, out of and between services offered by cloud service providers. Workloads can be quickly moved from a physical or virtual environment into a cloud computing environment.

If vendor lock-in is a concern, it would be wise to look into what companies such as Racemi offer.