Rackspace adds 99.99 uptime guarantee to private cloud service

Rackspace's latest update to its private cloud service includes a service level agreement that could make OpenStack deployments more popular for the enterprise.

Rackspace on Thursday rolled out an update to its OpenStack private cloud service for enterprises and added a 99.99 service level agreement to guarantee uptime.

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The 99.99 uptime guarantee covers Rackspace's OpenStack application programming interface (API). Rackspace OpenStack private cloud service also includes optional automation and application lifecycle management tools.

For Rackspace, the private cloud release comes a week after the company said that it will remain independent . Rackspace had been evaluating strategic alternatives including mergers. The plan going forward is to differentiate Rackspace with service and expertise in OpenStack deployments.

Darrin Hanson, vice president of Rackspace Private Cloud, said that the new release and the corporate moves weren't related. Development of Rackspace's private cloud release had been in the works for months.

The corporate developments didn't prevent Rackspace from winning corporate logos, said Hanson. The larger ask was for uptime guarantees. "We've spent months making improvements to the architecture and delivering a stable scalable product we were willing to stand behind," said Hanson, who added that OpenStack has matured, but enterprises wanted SLAs. "The enterprise wants to know that OpenStack is ready for production workloads and whether you have skin in the game."

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Rackspace's private cloud service will largely compete with offerings from Red Hat as well as HP's Helion cloud effort.

In addition to the 99.99 uptime guarantee, Rackspace's private cloud service includes:

  • Application automation via Rackspace's DevOps services and support for orchestration and provisioning. 
  • The ability to burst traffic spikes via direct connections to Rackspace's public cloud. 
  • Support via Rackspace, dedicated managers and an optional OpenStack engineer. 
  • Options to deploy in any of Rackspace's nine data centers around the world.

Rackspace's private cloud service is immediately available in the U.S. and will be rolled out internationally early in October.

Here's a look at Rackspace's private cloud pricing.

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