Rackspace boasts to have enhanced Tinder's performance

Rackspace's ObjectRocket will hand the data management burden so Tinder can continue to just do its thing.


Tinder has found a new foundation for jump starting your future relationships.

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That would be managed cloud company Rackspace, which is already boasting to have boosted (the app's) performance since linking up.

According to Rackspace on Wednesday, the digital matchmaking service is now running all of those infamous swipes from ObjectRocket, the open source and scalable MongoDB database system acquired by Rackspace in 2013.

Tinder said its users "swipe" through approximately 1.7 billion profiles per day.

But since switching to Rackspace, the Texas-based company asserted that Tinder's performance -- at least in regards to app stability -- has improved at least four times over. (Although a base figure was not included in the profile.)

As Tinder's user base and valuation grows (some speculate into the billions), the startup appears to be keeping things casual on the IT side.

Based in West Hollywood, Tinder retains a staff of 40 employees, which includes 25 engineers. (The company is looking for some new engineering matches itself too.) Rackspace is taking on the rest of the grunt work for database monitoring and management.

Tinder has never publicly revealed the size of its user base, which is also said to run in the tens of millions since launching in 2012. (Even more money -- in terms of actual revenue -- could be rolling in soon as Tinder started charging users aged 30 and over, which has already sparked a firestorm over potential motivations.)

Thus, it's not entirely clear how long Tinder could (or should) maintain this particular IT strategy.

"The amount of data that businesses collect is growing exponentially, and the tools, knowledge and skills needed to manage that data at scale are becoming increasingly important as a result," remarked Rackspace CTO John Engates in the announcement.

Nevertheless, Engates touted ObjectRocket will hand the data management burden so Tinder can continue to just do its thing.