Rackspace plots Hortonworks, Apache Hadoop services

Rackspace rounded out its big data cloud offerings by offering Hortonworks Data Platform and Apache Hadoop as a service.

Rackspace on Monday said it will launch Hortonwork's Data Platform and Apache Hadoop as a service.

The service will be lumped into Rackspace Data Service, which consists of SQL and NoSQL database offerings. The overall goal for Rackspace is to tap into big data workloads.

Rackspace offers managed hosting services as well as cloud computing services and big data workloads could be a boon. Rackspace offers a cloud big data platform, a managed version and a private cloud offering.

Here's a look at the pricing for Rackspace's Hortonworks offering.



The Rackspace manage big data services include the following:

  • Big data configurations that are customized to meet requirements for compute, storage and balanced workloads. Multiple configurations and architectures are supported.
  • Rackspace and Hortonworks will patch, manage cluster, execute jobs and handle maintenance.
  • Integration with Apache Hadoop tools without retooling.