Radio Hanukkah: Free 8 day XM 'miracle'

We have a Hanukkah gift just for you...

XM Satellite Radio announces:

We have a Hanukkah gift just for you. Get the eight days of Radio Hanukkah and 80 other XM channels for free online. Enjoy your free demo of XM Radio Online from December 15 until December 23.

Join us for the Hanukkah blessings recited by a different prominent Jewish American musician, entertainer or politician each night…Radio Hanukkah-XM 108-is XM's first channel dedicated to Jewish culture; Airing for the duration of the Festival of Lights, Radio Hanukkah features Jewish music, comedy, Broadway, talk…

The normal free trial of XM Radio Online lasts only 3 days, but miraculously we have been able to extend it to cover all eight days of Radio Hanukkah.

Programming highlights:

Candle Lighting
Lights of Broadway
White House Menorah Lighting
Continuous Klezmer
Israel Radio
Blowing Out the Candles

Radio Hanukkah is confident in the programming lineup, but notes:

If you don't like what you hear, we have an email for that. Send any complaint to