Raspberry Pi site suffers DDoS attack

The website of the Raspberry Pi Foundation came under a DDoS attack on Tuesday afternoon but the motive for attacking the charitable foundation remains unclear.

The website of the group behind the popular $35 Raspberry Pi Linux computer was targeted by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Tuesday.

The site was taken down for a short period in the afternoon in what the Raspberry Pi Foundation says was "the second attack in a couple of days".

The botnet behind the attack appears to have been quite large. "For those interested, this one's quite hardcore: We're seeing a SYN flood from a botnet that seems to have about a million nodes," said the Foundation on Twitter.

"This is the second attack in a couple of days. We haven't had the blackmail email yet. It's getting plonked when it arrives."

The motivation behind the attack is unclear, with the foundation noting that it is as likely to be an "angry and confused kid" as a large organised group.

In a sarcastic tweet, the foundation questioned why anyone would attack a charitable foundation making a low-cost computer to encourage kids to learn programming.

"Well, we *are* horrid, what with our focus on education and charity and everything. Boo to irritating do-gooders," it wrote.