Ray-Ban maker teams up with Google to make Glass fashionable

High-tech headwear cannot be just about the functions -- if people want are going to want to wear it, it has to be fashionable too.


The maker of Ray-Ban sunglasses, Luxottica, has snagged a deal with tech giant Google to potentially make the Google Glass headset more attractive.

The tech giant's headset, Google Glass , is wearable technology comprised of a small screen and a wide silver band which keeps the screen within your eye line. Glass can be voice activated to connect to the Web, make calls, access social media and take both photos and videos of what you see.

The problem? Besides the hundreds of dollars you will have to pay and privacy worries surrounding the device, the headset is frankly ugly.

If you want to make a product appealing commercially, then making it attractive helps. Italy's Luxottica, together with Google in a "strategic partnership," is an indication that Glass may be given a makeover before hitting the shelves after developers' Explorer program.

"We believe that a strategic partnership with a leading player like Google is the ideal platform for developing a new way forward in our industry and answering the evolving needs of consumers on a global scale," Luxottica Chief Executive Officer Andrea Guerra said.

Google Glass is expected to be commercially launched this year.

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Image credit: Google

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