Reader smartphone poll results: Windows Phone 7 finishes strong

Last week I ran two polls to find out what smartphone platforms are currently being used and will be purchased next. The polls of readers are now closed and the results are surprising.

As a technology writer it is helpful to understand what technology is used by the audience to better determine what coverage topics will be of interest. Last week I ran a poll concentrating on smartphones to find out what platforms are currently being used by readers. That poll followed with a second asking what smartphone platform will be used in the near future. The polls are now closed and the results are surprising.

Before anyone jumps in to point out the obvious, these polls were not scientific by any means. There will be no long-term plans made as a result of the responses, and no sweeping predictions will be offered. The results only show what smartphones readers of this blog are using, along with what platform respondents' next smartphone will run.

Current smartphone breakdown

Responses: 2,473

These results are what I would expect from a tech-savvy audience reading this blog, with the exception of how many readers do not currently use a smartphone. Those of us who are immersed in the smartphone world must not forget that many folks do not use them yet. While 12 percent of respondents is not a huge number (291 to be exact), I find that it is a lot of folks for such a tech-savvy crowd.

Future smartphone results

Responses: 2,257

While the number of respondents who intend to go Android reflects what I believe is the market trend, some of the other findings are unexpected. A lot of folks intend to go with Windows Phone 7 soon, and that probably indicates how many early adopters read this blog. It is a good showing for the future of WP7.

When you compare the current smartphones being used by readers with the platforms they intend to buy in the future, a couple of things stand out. Some of the folks not currently using a smartphone plan to rectify that soon. More surprising is the finding that some iPhone users are planning to ditch Apple and go with something else. It doesn't indicate a lot of current Verizon customers will be going iPhone any time soon.


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