Real ID? How about Global ID?

A DHS official wants to create a program for global business travelers that would identify participants as non-terrorists.

If US states don't think much of the Real ID program, the Global ID program probably won't go over much better. Jim Williams, head of visitor tracking for the Dept. of Homeland Security wants to create a "global ID management system," so that business travelers can fly around the world with less intrustive security checks, reports.

Williams said he wants to join forces with several DHS agencies to develop a global identification system that would cut wait times, reduce government fees for travelers, fight illegal immigration and, perhaps paramount, better defend nations from terrorists.

The US VISIT chief, who already oversees identity inquiries for nearly every visitor who enters the United States, said a worldwide identification system will better link nations in the fight against terrorism. In his speech, he likened al Qaeda operatives and sleeper cells - including the ones that attacked on 9/11 - to "submarines" that must surface to kill.

"In order for them to do what they want to do, they have to travel," Williams said.