RealNetworks pumps up Jukebox MP3 recorder

Paid version of music-recording product includes cooler features, technical support.
Written by Lisa M. Bowman, Contributor

RealNetworks said it's releasing a beta version of its RealJukebox Plus, an enhanced rendition of its RealJukebox software .

RealJukebox is free software that lets users convert their CD collection into small digital files that can be manipulated to make playlists, create different CDs or be swapped over the Internet. It supports most popular music formats including RealAudio, MP3, WAV, AT&T's a2B and Liquid Audio. The Plus version will cost £19 and include a 10-band graphic equaliser, phone support for 90 days and enhanced music sorting and editing features.

RealNetworks also is unveiling the second beta version of RealJukebox. Both are available at www.realnetworks.com.

In a separate announcement the company said it has struck a joint marketing and promotion agreement with the Warner Music Group and Trans World Entertainment's e-commerce site, www.twec.com. Starting in late August the companies will promote artists from Warner Music Group labels including Jewel and Ol' Dirty Bastard.

Downloadable music is moving into the mainstream. According to Media Metrix, about 4m people used digital music in June 1999, up from less than 1m a year ago.

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