Recognizing the top 25 'social' CIOs

As the CIO role evolves, it's important to recognize leaders in the new social world. Here's a list of the top 25 among large companies.

As guardian of corporate assets, CIO's are generally a conservative bunch: ensuring security, privacy, and confidentiality are important agenda items for any responsible CIO. Still, today's customers, employees, and other stakeholders demand unprecedented levels of communication and engagement from senior management, including the CIO.

Many CIOs feel caught between the desire for openness and the mandate for safety and protection. It's a tough balance and there are certainly no easy answers, especially during this period of cultural transition in regard to these issues. Despite the difficulty, some CIOs have forged a path that successfully manages these conflicting goals.

The chart below, put together by Mark Fidelman, Chief Social Strategist at, lists 25 top CIOs, from the world's largest companies, who engage on social channels such as Twitter and Facebook. I personally know several people on this list and can verify they understand the need for communication and openness, while still fulfilling their mandate to protect corporate assets.

When reading the list, remember there are many quiet innovators among the ranks of CIOs. To those unsung heroes I say: keep doing your thing. The value you offer is tremendous and will be recognized.

Image credit: Mark Fidelman

Image credit: Mark Fidelman