Red Hat and RealNetworks join forces

Comprehensive media streaming is the aim of Linux alliance

US Linux distributor Red Hat and RealNetworks have hopped into bed together to provide a "comprehensive" streaming media solution for Open Source champion, Linux.

The immediate upshot of the agreement is that RealNetworks' RealServer 7, will now be bundled with Red Hat 7.0, and will also be available from However, the partnership will apparently not end there.

"We are thrilled to join forces with RealNetworks, the recognised leader in media delivery on the Internet, to satisfy the growing demand for streaming media on Linux," said Matthew Szulik, Red Hat president and chief executive in a statement.

Red Hat, along with other distributors, know that increasing the variety of easy-to-use video and audio plug-ins for Linux is vital to the mainstream success of the operating system. "These solutions will also greatly ease installation, configuration, operation and support, as well as provide our joint customers with powerful performance and trusted reliability," adds Szulik.

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