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Red Hat Tech Exchange highlights: Architect, Implement, Enable

Open source has come a long way in a short space of time, with open source the technologies now powering organizations across the globe across in a substantial number of sectors.

As open source advances, education is key for IT professionals to understand how their organizations can best take advantage of the technologies that are driving everything from cloud and mobile to big data and the Internet of Things.

This is what the Red Hat Tech Exchange - recently hosted in Macau - was all about; providing practical knowledge, best practices and knowledge from Red Hat experts on a wide range of open source topics, and helping attendees grow their networks to make the most of open source solutions.

Red Hat Tech Exchange led by Quinten Laureijs, Field Readiness Manager, APAC

Red Hat Tech Exchange was perfect for any open source enthusiast looking for insights into what's going on in the sector and seeking to learn and engage. The sheer amount of content covered at the event made it a choice event for those involved in open source seeking to learn more from established experts.

Architect, Implement, Enable


Red Hat Tech Exchange 2014 encouraged discussion on a broad range of topics covered at the event, including OpenStack, OpenShift - Red Hat's Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering, and customer relationship management.Conversation on OpenStack centered around making it easier to adopt, use and scale, and the latest with Juno, the tenth OpenStack release. Juno brings Sahara integration and further stability for enterprise environments.During the OpenShift Interactive Workshop - an event designed to help attendees prepare for an OpenShift Enterprise pilot - attendees explored what organizations can do to prepare for a PaaS deployment and additional best practices.Conversations on customer relationship management focused on how Red Hat delivers ongoing value to customers through its unique subscription model and award-winning Global Support Services team.

The event kicked off with keynotes, including Dirk-Peter van Leeuwen, senior vice president and general manager, Red Hat APAC, who discussed Red Hat's open hybrid cloud vision and how this can prove to be instrumental in the future strategy of the company. Mr. Van Leeuwen explored how industry advances, from Internet of Things to application containers - could impact enterprises.


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