Red Hat to issue European Linux kernel CD

Red Hat comes up with CD update for "unstable" kernel 2.4

Leading Linux firm Red Hat will mid-February provide European users of its operating system with an update CD including the new kernel 2.4.

Ian Cole, professional services and finance director for Red Hat in the UK, said that the company does not consider the kernel yet stable enough to include with its software package, but said that this would happen in April.

Cole said the four CD update would also include the latest version of the KDE window manager, the latest patches, new Linux games and would cost (£7-10). The update will launch mid-February in the UK, France and Germany, Cole said.

Notably, one of Red Hat's main competitors SuSE also announced Friday plans to introduce the next edition of its operating system featuring the new kernel.

Kernel 2.4, released this month by Linus Torvalds after long delays, brings high-end enterprise capabilities to Linux with improved multi-processor support, an addressable RAM of up to 64GB, and 64-bit file system. It also features improved hardware compatability for USB devices, plug and play for ISA cards and ACPI. It has been tested far less than the existing kernel 2.2.

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