Redwood Systems woos app developers for energy-efficiency platform

Occupancy data collected by Redwood's lighting management platform can now be used in broader space utilization or energy-reduction applications.

One drawback of some lighting management, energy efficiency and building management platforms is their proprietary nature. Redwood Systems is the latest company to buck that trend.

Redwood Systems' technology is used primarily to managing LED lighting technologies installed by its customers. But that information could help serve much broader real estate and building management interests. This week, the Fremont, Calif., company introduced something called the Redwood Open Application Framework. The development tools work in tandem with a $6,000 appliance called Redwood Director that helps consolidate information that can be used for the development of applications that draw on data from the Redwood Systems lighting management platform.

Examples of third-party applications that could be built using Redwood Open Application Framework would be conference room reservation /space utilization solutions or security systems that use occupancy data collected by Redwood's lighting sensor technologies to detect whether or not someone is around.

The company already cites several real-world applications, including one from SAP, which has integrated occupancy data collected by the Redwood platform with its air-conditioning and heating management systems to reduce energy costs associated with those systems.

Sam Klepper, CMO of Redwood Systems, said each of the new development appliances can collect information from more than 100 Redwood Systems lighting engines. The technology is scheduled to be in the hands of developers by the end of June.