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Richard RobinsonCEO, Dada Asia
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Richard Robinson
Richard Robinson, CEO, Dada Asia, predicts that ad-funded mobile entertainment will take off in 2007

Q. Can you name one prediction that the analysts got wrong or right about the mobile data/content market for 2006?
Forecasters who got it right: Mobile TV would still struggle and not take off yet in 2006. This has proven itself out, but I do believe that mobile video, basically 'snacking' on short clips as opposed to watching streaming television will start to grow and outpace mobile TV.

Forecasters who got it wrong in 2006: Location-based consumer wireless services would take off in 2006. I think that we can all agree that location-based services has some years to go before it really starts any hockey stick growth.

What's your outlook for 2007?
My prediction for 2007 is that advertisement-funded mobile entertainment will see 2007 as the kick-off year of strong growth.

What are the reasons for your optimism?
Ad-supported content is a tried-and-true business model in other forms of media such as TV, print, radio and the Internet, and it will inevitably happen in the mobile space and it has already begun but should get some solid traction in 2007, I believe.

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