Report: China biggest Facebook developer base in Asia

Chinese developers make up some 20 percent of social networking giant's partner network in Asia despite online service being banned in China, report notes.

Chinese software developers are using Facebook to reach overseas customers, which is why they form the biggest application developer base for the social networking giant in Asia even though the Web site has been restricted in China since 2009.

A Bloomberg report on Tuesday cited David Lim, a partner engineer at Facebook's mobile developer relations division, who said developers from China make up about 20 percent of Facebook's partner network in Asia as they leverage the platform's global popularity to reach overseas users. He declined to provide actual figures, though.

"We now have Chinese-language help pages for developers, and we are working on giving them better support," said Lim in the report. "Developers in mainland China are important to us."

He added that partners in China include, a Beijing-based provider of games.

Bloomberg noted that Facebook is continuing to evaluate whether it should enter China, the world's biggest Internet market, in its filing for its initial public offering made last month. The company's Web site continues to be restricted by the Chinese government,