Report: Sprint plagued by nationwide iPhone 4S speed issue

Maybe Sprint's big bet on the iPhone 4S wasn't such a good decision after all.

First, Sprint is cutting back on unlimited 4G broadband data plans. Now it's being reported that Sprint is suffering problems with its latest big release: the iPhone 4S.

Apple and Sprint are reportedly tackling a nationwide issue concerning slow data rates on the newest iOS smartphone, according to The Next Web. Complaints about problems with connecting to Sprint's 3G network on the iPhone 4S have been rampant on Sprint's community boards.

However, there hasn't been any official announcement regarding the issue and when it might be fixed if there is actually something wrong.

This isn't the first iPhone 4S-related setback that Sprint has incurred since the device rolled out earlier this month. Sprint’s policy on the micro-SIM card included with the world phone also proved to be confusing over whether or not the phone would be sold locked or not.

It's looking like Sprint's big $20 billion bet on the iPhone 4S isn't paying off for the mobile provider as much as it has for AT&T so far.

Has anyone else who is a Sprint iPhone 4S owner suffered any regular data speed problems since October 14?